Shop & Save Simultaneously!

No catch, coupon clipping or budget crunches!

By: Cruise

kiss_blogsaveLet’s be honest. We all wish we could stretch dollars further, and it’s never fun to live paycheck to paycheck! Here are some tips to help you save money!
Avoid bank fees! Most banks will give you free checking as long as you enroll in direct deposit.
If you want to book travel, check out Hipmunk and to shop for flights. The only airline not on  these sites is Southwest. Price shop and flying out on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays will be cheaper, except for Holidays. Also, flying to a different airport will save you money, if you can fly into an airport in the same area. For example, flying into LAX is much cheaper than flying into Orange County (SNA).
Sign up for hotel rewards programs and airline awards programs! Sometimes these rewards programs will allow you to have free wifi or even earn free nights.
If you shop online or dine out, link your credit card to a special program such as Southwest Airlines dining rewards or American Airlines Advantage shopping. You can earn miles for your online or dining out purchases…I earned 30 airline miles from buying from one of those daily deal sites!
Join your favorite grocery store’s rewards program, and utilize their digital coupons! Some stores offer free items if you download their digital coupon. Plan your grocery list and base your meals on the weekly ads of your favorite stores. Another example–if chicken is on sale, come up with meals using chicken that week. There are lots easy recipes for various foods, too. Sometimes buying the value pack of meat is cheaper! Then you can cook some and freeze the rest.
If you have a coupon, put it into your wallet so you remember to give it to the cashier when you check out.

Price compare when you can. Some stores will match their competitor’s ads and some will even match an  online store’s price.

These simple tips help keep the price of daily needs down for myself and my family; if they help you out, let me know! Would love to hear feedback on how these thrifty tips help you out!


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