Tips for Surviving the Holidays


Here at KISS FM we want to make your Holidays a little easier! Check out these tips for  traveling, family gatherings and just plain old saving money for the upcoming holidays. We even have a few post-election time tips too!


  • Keep up to date on your flight with apps such as Flight Status, GateGuru, or if you’re driving, GasBuddy.
  • Pack light. If you check a bag, make sure to have most important things in your carry-on. (Just in case your checked bag gets lost!)
  • Don’t wrap gifts instead wrap them after you get to your destination or send them in the mail. TSA suggests that to not wrap presents as they might have to unwrap them during checks.
  • Travel early in the morning or late at night to avoid heavy traffic.

Saving Money:

  • Take advantage of websites that have “free shipping” days.
  • Use coupons from magazines, newspapers, websites, and emails.
  • Use cash or debit card as much as you can, that way you won’t put it on a credit card and ring up a bill. The cash or debit card will come right out of your account.

Family Gatherings:

  • Be prepared. Realize that you might get into disagreements but remember it’s the holidays, so relax and breathe. Let the arguments go for the day.
  • Take some personal time. If you normally go on a morning run, go on a morning run and then get ready for the family gathering. Try taking a walk or a nap after the Holiday dinners to give yourself some alone time.


  • Stay off social media – it helps to not get caught up in the drama.
  • Watch the news to stay informed.
  • If you know friends or family that have different view than you do, try not to talk politics with them for the next few weeks… or just cut off talking to them for awhile so you don’t get into heated arguments!

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