Travel Tips


I love to travel! Not too long ago, I was an elite frequent flyer. I learned how to maneuver my way around airports, and how to manage the crowded lines at security. Flying can very stressful especially if you are traveling with a group or with kids! With the holidays, airports and security lines are going to be busy. After many times of experiencing the worst an airport can dish out, I want to share some helpful and useful tips for traveling by plane:

Packing your checked bag or carry on: Roll your clothing when packing, except for jeans or bulky sweaters or jackets. When you lay your rolled clothing into the suitcase, it will leave a little space for you to fill with the smaller items such as socks or undergarments. I always lay jeans or jackets on top of the rolled clothing, and utilize those drawstring bags to pack your shoes into your suitcase!

Security Check: . Security can be a hassle. You are trying to get through it quickly, but also follow the rules of the TSA. I would suggest having a plan before entering security. Make sure you know what you are wearing so you can be prepared to remove items before the metal detector. Remember belts, jewelry, coins, and certain clothing with metal might set off the metal detector or be difficult to see in an x-ray machine. It is best to remove those items and place them into a separate container at the security checkpoint. Be sure to have items that need to be removed from your bag on top and visible. This will ease the process of putting everything into those plastic bins.

Stay hydrated: Travel with an empty water bottle. You can fill it up once past security at any water fountain. Sometimes I will pour my soda into it on the plane. This will allow you to stay hydrated and alert so you don’t mix up your gate, terminal, or departure time. In addition to bringing an empty water bottle, bring your own tea bags or drink flavorings. Things that mix easily with water are options to buying sodas or teas. Plus some airlines only offer coffee or water on short flights.

Tame your stomach: Carry snacks that will keep you energized and full for a longer time. Snacks like beef jerky, nuts, dried fruit. You can even make sandwiches packed in your carry on. My favorite snack to carry on planes are bagels. Almost every airport has a bagel shop too. It fills me up and the carbs keep me energized. It is also cheap, but filling!

Just-in-case: Sometimes mistakes are made and you end up with no luggage at your destination. I always pack one change of clothes including undergarments in my carry on or purse. Something that is light to pack like a dress and leggings. It is helpful to know that you are not stranded without a change of clothing if this mistake is made.

Always be comfortable: Carry on a jacket or sweater that you can easily put on and take off. Planes and airports are cold, but security will ask you to take it off at times so be prepared to remove it.

The children: If you are traveling with children, bring entertainment for the kids. Movies and books can keep them entertained for a while. I brought Etch-a-sketches for my children to play with. It didn’t require many materials to get out. Tablets are great because children can play several games or do many activities using one item. However, do not forget to bring entertainment for yourself. You will need it to relax while the kids are relaxing.

Sanitize: Planes and airports can be very dirty and you are using your hands several times to either remove your shoes for security or touching the railing. I always pack a travel size hand sanitizer in my liquid zip-lock bag. This can be useful during the flight so you do not have to get out of your seat to wash your hands before snacking or eating.

Keep your money safe: When I travel, I separate out my cash or cards in different bags. I put some money in my purse, some in my carry on, and/ or some in my checked on bag. This prevents from being completely robbed if one of your bags is stolen or lost. You are able to access some money incase this was to happen. Thus, remember to keep all bags close to you as possible!


– Beth Cruise

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