KISS Spring Break Tips


Road Trip tips

  • Take turns behind the wheel. Also make sure the person sitting shot gun stays awake to help keep the driver up and alert.
  • Get snacks prior to the road trip. Bring a cooler and fill it with water, energy drinks, gatorade, etc. It saves money and time!
  • Make sure to get your car serviced before long road trips.
  • Have updated ID, insurance, and vehicle registration in your car at all times.

Safety tips

  • Turn off your locations when on social media
  • If needing to go to an ATM, make sure to go with a friend or a couple people.
  • Drink lots of water if out in the sun.
  • Know the local laws, whether in a different state or in a different country.
  • Don’t carry all your cash and cards on you. Keeps some in the hotel safe.

Money saving tips

  • If you’re staying at a hotel, try to book one with complimentary breakfast/snacks. You’ll save a ton without having to worry about going somewhere to get breakfast.
  • Download budgeting apps (ie. Mint) and stick with the budget. Be careful on spending money on things you don’t really need.
  • Try renting a bike to get around places. Plus who doesn’t like riding a bike with beach views?!
  • Bring your student ID with you everywhere, you never know when they might have student discounts.
  • Once  you arrive at your destination, get groceries! You’ll save money on snacks especially.

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